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5 Things To Tell Yourself EVERY Day

Simple Truths to Accompany You on the Path to Personal & Professional Growth

In any career or business endeavor, a healthy attitude is a big key to success. Professional coaches and management consultants give bold affirmations or recitations to clients as a way to influence and motivate them. As a writer and creative, I prefer to seek out elements of truth in the world around me, and pass them along to others. In that spirit, here are five small truths to tell yourself every day on your path to personal and professional growth...

I Am A Product Of MY Choices

This may a be hard to hear from yourself, especially if you feel you aren't doing particularly well. But accepting responsibility for your own actions and results is the best way to change your life for the better. As difficult as it may be to admit that your own decisions got you where you are today, it's comforting to know that making better choices today will pay off tomorrow. And once you start experiencing more ups than downs, it becomes easier and easier to repeat this affirmation and believe it.

What I Say And Do Today WILL Affect Others

This is particularly true for executives and managers, but it resonates all the way down the chain of command. Even if you have zero authority in the workplace, the way you do your job, your productivity, your language, your demeanor, all have an impact on the productivity of others around you. Say and do the kinds of things every day that make you and those around you into better employees and better human beings.

My Self Worth Is NOT Measured In Dollars

Equating your salary with your value as an employee is a great way to ensure you'll never be satisfied. Unless you're the CEO, somebody is earning more money than you. And often in tough times, when companies are forced to downsize, those higher salaried employees are the first with their heads on the chopping block. Derive as much satisfaction as you can from doing great work. Earn the praise of your superiors and the admiration of your colleagues. You can't put a price on an awesome employee. A smart manager will recognize this, and will do whatever is necessary to keep you.

I Can Solve A Problem In MULTIPLE Ways

Just about any problem you encounter in the workplace has a number of potential solutions, with potentially different outcomes. And especially at work, we can find ourselves adhering to the same mediocre solution to a recurring problem, simply because it sort of worked the first time. There may be a better way to get something done, and you're more likely to discover what it is by reminding yourself every day that it exists in the first place.

I Am NOT Alone

In any job, there is some kind of support structure in place to help you out. Even self-employed folks have people they can turn to for feedback and advice. That's why social networks like LinkedIn are so popular. Remind yourself every day that there are people you can count on to give a professional opinion, make a business connection, or just help you get through a rough day.

TJ Barranger is a branding and publicity consultant in the Baltimore, Maryland area with a background in business communications and online content management. He specializes in assisting small business and non-profit clients. Agree/disagree with this article? Share your comments via e-mail: