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Brand Overview: Friends of Bob O'Shea (Annapolis, MD)

Political Campaign Committee/Mayoral Candidate

In 2013, the campaign team for candidate Robert O'Shea contacted me to design the logo, banner, and promotional collateral for his run in the Republican primary for the office of Mayor of Annapolis. It was a hectic few months, with lots of ideas flying back and forth over the wall. Some of these ideas came to fruition, and others were tabled as priorities shifted. Once we had designs and concepts that everyone on the team liked, the race was on to set them up on every possible form of media: yard signs, bumper stickers, stationery, promotional handouts, social media, the list goes on.

My real objective through the entire process was to create a powerful mark for the candidate, apply it across numerous applications to anchor his name in the minds of voters, and avoid any superfluous design tricks and gimmickry that would detract from his message.